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Water Well Drilling & Pump Installation in Erie, Pennsylvania

Keep the water flowing into your home with water well drilling and pump installation from our company in Erie, Pennsylvania. B & M Drilling offers a full range of services that ensure you never run out of water. To request an estimate, contact us today.

Well Drilling
Owner Dan Maxin is one of the few people that will witch wells. In this process, he walks around an area carrying a cherry stick. When water is found, the cherry stick bends toward the ground. To complement this service, we also work with our customers throughout the well drilling process, watching for any potential problems that might cause you problems later, including the ecological ramifications of your well.

Once your well is drilled, we install the pump. Complete service includes digging the line and wire, installing the holding tank, and running the lines to the tank and the house. To open up all of your well veins, we use a cable pounder drilling rig.
Glass of Water, Water Well Pump Installation in Erie, PA
Storage Tanks
If you have a well that doesn't produce a lot of water, store what you'll need later in a durable storage tank. We offer 300-, 500-, or 1,000-gallon tanks to accommodate your needs. This ensures that you will always have water available.

Water Softeners
Lighten up your hard water with water softeners from B & M Drilling. After taking water samples, we recommend the ideal way to solve your hard water problems. This is the ideal way to eliminate minerals, iron, and sulfur from your water.

Well Tests
You never have to worry about if your well water is safe when you let us test it for you. We chlorinate the well, draw a sample, and have it tested. When you buy a house with a well, the banks require this service to determine if the water is safe for drinking and if the pressure is 5 gallons per minute.
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